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Frequently asked questions


Are Philippines medical universities recognized by Medical council of India?

All medical universities we have tieups are approved from Medical council of India and the medical degree awarded by these universities are same as MBBS in India. Also, they are recognized by World Health Organization(WHO).

What will be the approximate donation fees?

There are no donation fees in almost all medical universities in the Philippines. Students should pay only nominal tuition fees per year. This fee varies from university to university.

Can a Student come home during holidays?

Vacation period is typically 6- 8 weeks in summer. During this time, interested students can come back to India.

Who will provide guidance Travel after admission?

Fence Education Consultancy Inc. will provide assistance to students in obtaining the air tickets and make necessary arrangements. Students have to pay for the costs of travel. If students prefer to make their own arrangements, they can buy the tickets directly.


What is the minimum marks required in +2 to study Medical course in philippines?

For General category, students should have more than 50% marks in physics, chemistry, biology or botany and zoology. For OBC/SC/ST, 40 % marks are sufficient to secure admission in the Philippines.

Should I clear any entrance level examination before taking the medical course?

There are no entrance examinations for Indian students to get Medical admission abroad.

What documents are required for getting admission?

Class 10th and Class 12th mark sheet photocopies are required to start the admission processing. During the admission process, proof of income of parents or guardian, passport, and other documents will be needed.

Are there any age limitations for securing admission?

There are no age requirements set by the medical university for admission. Philippines Embassy gives Student Visa only for students who are 18 years of age. If you are 17 years old, you can get Special Study Permit(SSP) which is valid for 6 months. After 6 months, if you have not crossed 18 years, you have option to renew SSP till you become eligible for Student Visa. Click to find more details on Philippines student visa.


What is the medium of instruction?

Medium of Instruction is English in all medical universities in the Philippines. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country.

Can I do my higher studies in India after Completing medical degree from the Philippines?

Yes. Students who study medicine abroad should pass screening test conducted by Medical Council of India to join higher studies in Indian medical colleges.

Can I Practice in India after completing M.D degree from the Philippines?

Yes. There is no difference between M.D Degree and MBBS degree. Students who study medicine abroad should pass screening test conducted by Medical Council of India to start practice in India.

What is the total duration of this course?

The total duration of this Doctor of Medicine (MD) course is 5 ½ years. The first 16 months focuses on building foundation for a strong medical education and is called the Bachelor of Science program. Subsequent, 4 years is the medicine theory subjects and practical clinical rotation.

Is there any stipend provided during the clinical rotation periods?

No stipend is provided during clinical rotation.


What type of accommodation facility is available in the Philippines?

On-campus hostel accommodation for international students is available in all medical universities in the Philippines. Hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, with single, double or triple beds. Both Air-conditioned and non-air conditioned rooms are available as per the choice of the students.

Is there separate hostel accommodation for girls?

Yes, there is separate hostel facility available for girl students.

Is vegetarian food available?

Yes. Vegetarian food is available in hostel.


How is the weather?

The weather in the Philippines is tropical weather. There are 3 main seasons.

Rains: From June to September. Showers can be frequent and heavy.

Winter: October to February it is cooler and is supposedly winter time. But the temperature rarely drops below 25°C.

Summer:From March to May when temperatures can soar and be similar to a summer in India but of a lesser intensity.

What is the cost of living in the Philippines?

Living costs vary between the US $100 to $200 per month for an individual student based on individual spending habits.

What is the Voltage Used in the Philippines?

220 Volts.

Can Student work with Student visa while studying in the philippines?

No. A student cannot be employed in any job while studying